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Q: Why the app doesn’t start on my iPhone and the cursor spinning forever?

There are two possible reasons for that:

Possible reason 1: Your phone might be running out of memory therefore the installation cannot be completed.
Solution: Free some space in your phone memory by deleting unnecessary applications, photos, videos etc. Then uninstall and reinstall the Reverd app following the steps below. It is important to delete the reverd contact because sometimes when the old installation copy is still there it interferes with the new installation so it is recommended to start clean.

  1. Steps for proper uninstall / reinstall actions in the following order:

  4. Delete the app from Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage

  5. Delete the reverd contact from contacts if it exists

  6. Install the Reverd app again from the app store


Possible reason 2: You did not permit the app to create Reverd contact on your phone. The app needs to create Reverd contact in order to function. It will not touch your contacts or anything else.

Explanation: If for some reason you dismissed to give permission the very first time you tried to install the app, and now you try to install again so you see the alert to provide permission to add the Blacklist to contacts

Permission to add Blacklist contact
By pressing OK you are not actually giving the permission to the app to access contacts, so it may keep trying and trying and cannot start… This is because once the permission dialog has been dismissed, iPhone keeps the settings even after uninstallation. So now the only way you can give permission is by going thru settings after installation.

Solution: Go to your iPhone Settings > Reverd and there Enable the contacts toggle. See the screenshot below. This can be done only after installation.

iOS settings contacts

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