Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice harassment

This is the third follow-up letter you may receive regarding your fictional Diamond Parking violation send to you about 2 months after the Parking Violation Notice. It looks like a real official document printed on Wiggins Adjustments letterhead and displaying words like INVESTIGATIONS, COLLECTIONS in all capital large size letters on the right hand side. Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. is a bill collection agency located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.
Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice
This letter is pushing you to pay them using sentences like "It is most urgent that this account be paid immediately... to avoid faulty credit record" etc. Of course it is urgent for them to steal your hard earned money. They try to scary you, to get you panicking so that you give them money.

They provide you with 4 different payment options including credit card, bank transfer and direct payment in order to collect your money quickly.

This is their scam indeed. Don't fall victim. No action is needed from your end. Simply ignore those letters.

More letters from Diamond Parking & Wiggins Adjustments (during 2 years):

  1. Parking Violation Notice
  2. Final Collection Notice
  3. Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice
  4. Past Due Notice
Disturbing automated phone calls may continue. The calls are generated by Wiggins' computerized system using the following phone numbers:

How to stop harassing calls from Wiggins Adjustments

Get the Reverd free spam call detector app. It automatically blocks community reported phone numbers on all phones using the Reverd app.

Report scam or harassing phone calls and let others know. It is FREE and creates awareness in the community of possible scam, harassing or prank callers. Once a number is added to the community complaints it will be detected on all phones using the Reverd app and will be treated as unwanted call.

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