How to stop unwanted phone calls

Can we stop it? Yes you can. The most efficient, intelligent and affordable app we would recommend for your iPhone or Android smart phone is the Reverd free spam call detector app. It works for everyone with a cell phone regardless of the provider or the plan.

Stop unwanted phone callsThere are other techniques you have at your disposal that you can use to limit unwanted marketing and scam phone calls. A well-known classic way is to register your phone number (depending on your location) with the USA National Do Not Call Registry or Canada National Do Not Call List (DNCL). The Registration is free and permanent but keep in mind that Do Not Call Lists apply only nationally within the geographical borders of the country. And that is a problem. Scammers use technology nowadays and can call you from overseas ignoring the Do-Not-lists. Even if your number is registered, charities, political organizations, and telephone surveyors may continue to call you. Companies with which you do business may also continue to call, unless you have asked them to stop calling you.

Instead the Reverd app works everywhere: in the forest, in the mountains, in a desert protecting your phone from harassing scam calls 24/7. Once installed the app does not even need Internet connection in order to function. The good thing is that the Reverd automatic scam stopping system is community supported. That means everyone protects everybody by reporting harassing phone calls directly from the phone.

Most phone companies are offering their landline customers the ability to block certain numbers from calling them. Call your local provider and have them clearly explain to you the steps to block a harassing phone number.

AT&T - If you are a customer of AT&T wireless, you can make use of a premium service called Smart Limits which will allow you to limit who can call or text you by blocking or allowing certain phone numbers. There is small additional monthly fee for this feature.
Verizon - Go to VerizonWireless and log into your account. You can use Call & Message Blocking available through Spam Controls. Go to My Verizon » My Services » Verizon Safeguards » Spam Controls. Here you can add up to five phone numbers that you do not want to call or text you.
Sprint - not an easy way to block unwanted callers, though there is a work-around. You can block all numbers which are not in your phone contacts. Go to Settings » Security » Others » Call settings. Here you will find that option.

The handset manufacturers have started providing features to help you block phone numbers. The problem was that you have to block each and every unwanted number manually. With Reverd app you do not have to block every bad phone number manually since they may be already reported by someone else and already blocked for you.

You do not have to be harassed by scammers or unscrupulous marketers. Get the Reverd free spam call detector app and get in control of your phone.

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