Diamond Parking Past Due Notice

This is the last of the Diamond Parking letter chain we have seen. One might receive it about two years after the Parking Violation Notice. It is typed on a Diamond Parking letterhead and again looks very official. Copy of such letter is below.
Diamond Parking Past Due Notice
In this letter they remind you about your "violation" almost two years ago (who remembers what has happened so long ago). Maybe they rely on a bad memory and still hope to get money from you.

The second sentence in the text is a lie. Since the whole "violation" story is made up so is the statement that "At the time a Payment Notice was left on your vehicle...". How naive one must be to believe all this.

Again they provide you with 4 different payment options in order to collect your money.

Don't fall victim. No action is needed from your end. Just ignore it.

More letters from Diamond Parking & Wiggins Adjustments (during 2 years):

  1. Parking Violation Notice
  2. Final Collection Notice
  3. Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice
  4. Past Due Notice
Disturbing automated phone calls may have been stopped already. They were generated by Wiggins' computerized system using the following phone numbers:

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