Diamond Parking scam and Wiggins harassing calls

Diamond Parking Ltd. scam is a letter titled "Parking Violation Notice". It is usually mailed to you to the address you used when you purchased the car. It looks like a real document asking you to pay a fine in the range of $100, stating date, time, location, "infraction" and charges.
Diamond Parking violation letter
Pretty stressful for an unprepared, innocent person. Don't fall victim of this scam. If you receive such a letter: Do nothing. Ignore it. Another letter may follow after awhile. Do not open it! Return the Manila coloured envelope to sender if you want.

More letters from Diamond Parking & Wiggins Adjustments (during 2 years):

  1. Parking Violation Notice
  2. Final Collection Notice
  3. Wiggins Adjustments Collection Notice
  4. Past Due Notice
Disturbing automated phone calls come into play shortly after the Parking Violation Notice and may continue from few months to couple of years. The calls are generated by Wiggins' computerized system. Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. is a bill collection agency located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Phone numbers used by Wiggins are: These repeated phone calls (several times a day) are really annoying and they may fill your voicemail box easily. If you own a land line you should inform your phone service provider for help.

How to stop harassing calls from Wiggins Adjustments on a mobile phone

Get the Reverd free spam call detector app. It automatically blocks community reported phone numbers on all phones using the Reverd app.

Report scam or harassing phone calls and let others know. It is FREE and creates awareness in the community of possible scam, harassing or prank callers. Once a number is added to the community complaints it will be detected on all phones using the Reverd app and will be treated as unwanted call.

Case study

In my case I received a "Parking Violation Notice" asking me to pay for an imaginary "violation" on 03/02/10 at 17:25. It was ridiculously impossible since I left my office 18:45 that day and my time is recorded. It's an obvious scam. An illegal way to suck money from innocent people. The massive phone calls/voice messages continued for about 8 months, then slowed down (almost stopped for a couple of months), then annoying calls came back for another round of about 3 months and then disappeared. I was lucky because they had my cell number only, so when I see their number on my display I did not answer (just let it ring like there is no one to answer). Also I do not have voice mail on my cell phone. This way I did not give a confirmation to their automated system that I received a call.

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