Automatically stop annoying scam phone calls with Reverd free app

Received a scam call...? Got angry...?
Millions people are being scammed each year, as con artists and robo-callers find more inventive ways to part us from our cash. Don't fall victim. Take control of your phone and stop them, efficiently and effortlessly.

Our unique app was developed to protect mobile smart phones from unwanted harassing phone calls. The Reverd app is not just an app. It is part of a system designed to stop unwanted calls. The system consists of hardware, software and the crowd – real people from the community like you. This way everyone is protecting everybody.

As we know the unsolicited local and international robocalls and spam are on the rise these days. The Reverd app protects your phone from harassing phone calls that the National Do-Not-Call Registry cannot stop. Here is why: Scammers and violators ignore Do-Not-Call registry. The list is operated by the government so it is valid only within country's borders. But nowadays spammers use technology to call you from overseas. Therefore you need a tool to protect your phone from unscrupulous people and robots.

The Reverd app does it for you.
Reverd app protects your phone effortlessly and efficiently no matter where you are in the world, regardless of where the call is coming from. It works in the city, in a desert, in the mountains. It protects your phone everywhere, all the time, even without Internet access.
It is your own telephone guard.
    Reverd App is:
  • Ad-free
  • Efficient
  • User friendly
  • Lightweight application
  • Multilingual (7 languages)
  • Easy on resources and battery
  • Easy setup with minimal user input
  • Working seamlessly in the background

  • Easy to use:
  • No activation needed
  • No location needed
  • No root access needed
  • Does not compromise privacy
  • Does not mess with your contacts

  • Features include:
  • Automatically detects unwanted incoming calls
  • Automatically discard unwanted incoming calls (Android only)
  • Automatically discard incoming calls with no Caller ID (Android only)
  • Automatically discard calls from an area code or a whole country (Android only)
  • Automatic updates of community complaints phone numbers (by subscription)
  • Manually add a phone number to your own list
  • Report phone numbers to the community complaints to protect other members
  • Move phone numbers between your lists at your discretion

Get in control of your phone and your phone bill. Get the peace of mind you deserve.

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